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  • ONE Questionnaire generates Multiple Reports - as many as required or customised!

  • Seamless Integration with Local Intranet, Websites, etc.


  • PEAKS can project Personlised Reports into existing programs, core values, etc. - no need to reinvent the wheel!


  • PEAKS Archives & Tracks the Development of all individuals, groups and organisations - be it corporate, government, social communities, families, marriages or individuals.


  • PEAKS Online Access System (OAS) allows Organisations direct access & control of the generation of PEAKS reports for the Individual, Partners, Teams, Departments, Whole Organisation.  Statistical Research can be directly accessed via the OAS.


  • "Pick & Choose" from our wide array of readily available PEAKS Profiles & recreate your very own reports based on the widely researched segments of our PEAKS Profiles.


  • "Re-Design" how your report is presented by indicating your preferences: e.g. scores or no scores, specific descriptors, etc.


  • "Customise from Scratch":  PEAKS can project personality potential onto any list of Competencies, Core Values, People Management Dynamics, etc.


  • Learning Needs Analysis:  PEAKS identifies the right candidates for training programs to either create exponential growth in their areas of strengths, or to develop skills to narrow the gaps of competencies necessary for PEAK Performance and organisational success.


Five Factor Model

  • based on FFM that is well researched & the latest in Personality Development.


  • includes EMOTIONALITY of individuals that drives human behaviour & decisions in the personal, social & occupational domains.

  • Measures Personality infrastructure that is DEEP level and INNATE: Inclinations that tend not to be visible nor tangible.

Relability & Validity

  • FFM records a very high Statistical Reliability 0.8-0.9.


  • PEAKS robust Reliability & Validity are based on the enormous database that researches both Global and Local norms that vary between cultures, industries & organisations


  • Face to Face Validity of PEAKS across cultures are recorded at 85-99%

Global & Local

Global benchmarks:  generic norms that are globally applicable across cultures


Local benchmarks:  specific norms that vary between different cultures, industries &  organisations.

Eg, organisations within the same industry often have distinctly different norms for different roles & functions.


  • PEAKS measures both.


  • PEAKS Language neutralises "Social-Value" in descriptors: liberating individuals to develop innate strengths

Potential & Performance

Potential:  the natural ability resource within individuals that can be tapped into & leveraged on.


Performance:  the outwardly visible behaviour & skills that are either innate or learnt (not natural).

  • PEAKS measures BOTH Potential & Performance.

  • PEAKS identifies individuals who will have greater sustainability in the chosen culture, organisation & job roles & functions. 


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