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PEAKS Human Capital Analytics

Customisable Suite of Profiles, Competency Selection, Applications & Consulting Solutions

How can                      be Applied?

Organisational & Business Development

Leadership & Competency Benchmarking


Organisational Leadership Development & Research


Strategic Planning & Team Building

Corporate Culture Mapping & Steering

Change Management & Change Readiness

Project Management

Customised 360 degree feedback solutions

Recruitment, Selection, Deployment & Succession Planning

Individual, Partnership & Team Optimization & Development

Corporate Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Entrepreneurial & Sales Advancement

Financial/ Health Risk Assessments

Consumer behaviour, preferences & interests Analytics

Educational Development


Teaching & Facilitation Proficiencies & Strategies

Teacher to Student Compatibility Mapping & Engagement

Parent – Teacher Support & Engagement

Student Leadership Development

Character & Values Holistic Development

Career Guidance


Academic Positioning

21st Century Skills

Personality Potential Management

Social & Emotional Learning

Personality Driven Learning Styles

Partnership & Team Optimisation

Staff & Student Profiling, Tracking & Development

EDUCATION ANALYTICS Research & Benchmarking

Individual Identity & Personality Development
Career/ Life Positioning & Development

Social & Inter-Relational Savy

Communication Skills & Development

Relationship & Pre-Marital Preparations

Marital Relationship Coaching 

Familial Relationship Coaching 

Parenting Skills & Development
Childhood & Youth Development

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