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“Leading People in the third millennium involves learning about personality -based drives and how they are leveraged to propel powerful peak performing leadership”                          - Dr Shirley Lim (PEAKS Founder)


Research Communication International (RCI) is an established global corporate research consultancy in human resource, leadership and organisational development, specialising in the building of quality corporate cultures through research-based technologies for training, profiling and leadership benchmarking.


RCI’s vision is to grow winning organisations that optimise human potential at all levels.  Working closely with teams of regional and international associates, RCI provides world-class research systems, tools and processes for benchmarking occupational excellence at all levels of corporations.

RCI has developed a global online profiling analytics technology called PEAKS (Purpose, Energy, Affirmation, Knowledge, Sustainability) that measures and optimizes human capital at all levels of organizations and societies. It is a Strength-focused analytics platform that assesses the innate potential within individuals, tracks their development and aligns the best in everyone to the PEAKS they have chosen to scale, seen as a precise, future ready and integrative people analytics platform that captures the personality DNA, behaviour, attitudinal, values, character & culture projections.


In the last two decades, RCI has developed, certified, and trained corporations and government agencies in the use of PEAKS Human Capital & Leadership Analytics. PEAKS training and profiling programs are fully integrated systems that assess, benchmark and develop peak performance at all levels of organisations and corporations.

How long have we been in this business?


RCI was established in 1996. In the last two decades, RCI’s web-based platform PEAKS has catered to Local, Regional and Global markets with leadership & occupational benchmarks established through a data-base of over 500,000 across over 3,000 companies in 5 continents in 7 global languages and across industries such as Finance, Insurance, Education, Medicine, Healthcare, Technology, Engineering, Travel, Security, Defence, Social Services etc.

What We Do


Establishing Leadership Benchmarks and Best Practices across Industries such as (not limited to): Government, Corporate, Human Resource Development, Educational Analytics & Development, Healthcare, Banking & Insurance, Headhunting, IT Solutions & Technology, etc.


Empowering organisations with real-time data to maximise their Human Capital towards Effective Deployment, Talent Retention, Leadership Development, Succession Planning & PEAK Performance


Enabling Social Communities to Identify & Preserve Core Values, Innovate & Implement Effective Interventions for Positive Growth, and Inculcate & Inspire Community Leadership


Optimise Individuals to identify their natural strengths & potential, embrace themselves as unique individuals to succeed in their chosen paths in life.

Facilitating individual & familial relationships towards:

Optimal Partnerships, Effective Communication, Constructive Growth & Mutual Support.

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