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Note:  Once you have completed your purchase of this profile, an email will be sent to you with instructions and access to take the PEAKS™ Online Questionnaire. Upon completion, you will be able to view your PEAKS™ Profile.


PEAKS™ Persoality Profile is the BASIC Profile where all the other Secondary PEAKS Profiles are based on - Competencies and Work Behaviours are projected from the data of your deep level personality and potential.


This basic PEAKS™ Personality profile is a validated prediction of your natural disposition based on the well researched Five-Factor personality tradition and peak performance research by RCI. This profile gives you reflections of your potential to peak perform in a variety of contexts.



The first five pages in this report contain your personality descriptors on each of the five factors that distinguish personality, arranged for ease of recall under the acronym PEAKS™.

(P) Purpose (E) Energy (A) Affirmation (K) Knowledge (S) Sustainability

Each personality factor is further broken down into 5 Facets, measuring your personality uniqueness in 25 different personality areas.  


Work Related Traits:
The subsequent pages of your basic PEAKS™ report will also consist of an inventory of your 32 personality-driven work traits.


Work-related competency traits are personality demeanours typical of an individual who is engaged in performing productive tasks, whether on the job or at home. Whilst they do not include behaviours only unique to management, sales, leadership or other special work situations, these competencies are common to all types of work roles and are perceived as core work competencies in the Corporate, Community, Academic and Social sectors.

Your Work Competency traits will include the following indices:
1.    General work-related Traits 
2.    Change-related Traits
3.    Emotion-related Traits
4.    Team-related Traits
5.    Administration-related Traits
6.    Management-related Traits
7.    Entrepreneurial and sales-related Traits
8.    Service-Related Traits

Your Basic PEAKS™ Personality Profiles will also give you access to a suite of reports measuring individual potential in the following areas of Leadership, Career , Learning, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Team & Partnerships, Individual Development Plans, 360 degree feedback etc. 


Do explore our Store for the range of PEAKS™ Profiles available to suit your personal and professional needs.  Should you require customisation for your Company and Community, please feel free to contact us directly for further discussions through our PEAKS Consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you!

PEAKS™ Personality Profile

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