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Note:  Once you have completed your purchase of this profile, an email will be sent to you with instructions and access to take the PEAKS™ Online Questionnaire. Upon completion, you will be able to view your PEAKS™ Profile.


Unique to the  PEAKS™ Partnership profiles, it is necessary for BOTH individuals to purchase the PEAKS™ Personality Profile if you both have not previously purchased this before.  The PEAKS™ Persoality Profile provides the basis on which this profile facilitates a developmental journey between 2 individuals.




PEAKS™ Partnership

The PEAKS™ Partnership provides general assessments of:


  1. Partnership Compatibility,
  2. Conflict Management and
  3. Relationship Development Matrices.


It is a profile for:

  • Business Partners,
  • Couples (pre-marital, married) and
  • Colleagues & Project Partners


alike seeking a deepened awareness of partnership synergy for sustained harmony, efficacy and success in relationships.


The Partnership profile maps the individual scores of both partners for a composite reflection of personality similarities and differences. This allows individuals within partnerships to identify blind-spots and manage potential conflict areas. The partnership profile will also include a matrix measuring the optimum degree of match between individuals in a partnership.


As with other PEAKS™ profiles, it details score projections of popular partnership models used widely internationally.




Do explore our Store for the range of PEAKS™ Profiles available to suit your personal and professional needs.  Should you require customisation for your Company and Community, please feel free to contact us directly for further discussions through our PEAKS Consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you!

PEAKS™ Partnership

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