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PEAKS™ Leading People Index (LPI)

The PEAKS™ Leading People Index (LPI) is a rigorous tool that provides general estimates of leadership characteristics in the workplace.


The PEAKS™ LPI critically benchmarks individuals against top performing leaders in the marketplace. It also measures leadership competency attributes and provides indicators of workplace performance and dominant leadership styles based on current management models. The profile attempts to capture significant competencies in organizational leadership with the view of presenting a measurement tool to reflect personal strengths and weaknesses for personal and corporate attention. 

The PEAKS™ LPI measures each individual against seven classifications that embrace essential corporate leadership domains:

1.    Propelling Leadership
2.    Developing Business
3.    Thriving on Challenges
4.    Accelerating Learning
5.    Managing Relationship Networks
6.    Making Decisions
7.    Building Teams

Based on locally- contextualized and globally- relevant research, the PEAKS™ LPI generates scores projected from established and prevailing leadership models used globally in management research and training. Your PEAKS™ LPI profile will contain indices projected from current published models. 



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PEAKS™ Leading People Index





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