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PEAKS™ ENTREPRENEUR - Money Management

The PEAKS™ Entrepreneur - Money Management distills for individuals their natural inclinations towards Money Management.  


This is particularly pertinent in the entrepreneural realities of Business Start-ups, Business Management and Development.  In addition, this profile extends even to the Personal Development & Relationships that encompass the interacting of Financial Management amongst individuals with unique differences in their response to this specific domain of life, not just business.


PEAKS™ ENTREPRENEUR -  Money Management is a profile for business owners and entrepreneurs (as well as aspiring entrepreneurs) to leverage on their personality-driven strengths in business development and wealth creation, focussing on the importance of money management orientations.  Our Personality infrastructure is a resource we can use to maximise and optimise our potential for business development and wealth creation.


An entrepreneur’s strengths and tendencies in money habits and philosophies are fundamental forces and understanding them is critical. These basic drives are identified in PEAKS™ 6 Money Management Orientations to help us on our business journey.




  • Preserver,
  • Achiever,
  • Giver,
  • Etherear,
  • Restrainer &
  • Spender):



Do explore our Store for the range of PEAKS™ Profiles available to suit your personal and professional needs.  Should you require customisation for your Company and Community, please feel free to contact us directly for further discussions through our PEAKS Consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you!

PEAKS™ ENTREPRENEUR - Money Management

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