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Note:  Once you have completed your purchase of this profile, an email will be sent to you with instructions and access to take the PEAKS™ Online Questionnaire. Upon completion, you will be able to view your PEAKS™ Profile.



PEAKS™ Career Positioner

In the rugged terrain of career selection and advancement, one would require the necessary equipment to navigate across the variable landscape. The PEAKS™ Career Positioner equips each job seeker with the necessary know-how to accommodate better within the occupational environment.


The PEAKS™ Career Positioner captures the natural competencies of the individual and develops it one step further towards helping the individual to embark on a journey towards the chosen ideal career pathway.


Learning about your personality is not only an interesting activity but important. When it comes to career satisfaction, you will need to find a work environment that is compatible to your gifts and personality! Given the right perspective, everyone can do well in the workplace or occupation of your choice. Finding the right fit means finding the ideal place for you that is well suited to your unique Personality.


Based on the Job Fit Index, the Career Positioner will compute a listing of recommended jobs best suited to your unique personality. It will help you handle the different aspects and rigours of job interviews by endowing you with substantial knowledge of yourself in the following areas:

1. “Using Your Personality to Succeed at the Interview”
2. Competency Fit Index
3. “Tips on how to leverage on your stregnths and/or how to manage your weaknesses for a better job fit”
4. Job Fit Index
5. Communication Skills
6. Strategic Management
7. Sustaining Excellence


It is hoped that the following pages will a useful resource to map your career path more decisively and we wish you every success in your career search and future advancement!




Do explore our Store for the range of PEAKS™ Profiles available to suit your personal and professional needs.  Should you require customisation for your Company and Community, please feel free to contact us directly for further discussions through our PEAKS Consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you!

PEAKS™ Career Positioner

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