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Note:  Once you have completed your purchase of this profile, an email will be sent to you with instructions and access to take the PEAKS™ Online Questionnaire. Upon completion, you will be able to view your PEAKS™ Profile.



PEAKS™ Career Guidance

This PEAKS™ Career Guidance Profile is a specially customised profile that extensively captures the unique strengths and personality-based orientations of each individual, specific to the Career Development journey.


This is derived by mapping each individual’s unique personality scores onto heavily researched (Asian) Local-Global occupational benchmarks developed by Research Communication International. It can be used as a blueprint to guide personalized development best suited to the innate disposition of the student or job seeker.


Job Seekers and Students differ in the way they learn, lead and take on life’s challenges.  This PEAKS™ Career Guidance contains some key fundamental information on the individual’s Personality-based competencies and strengths that will help them to discover the following:


1.  PEAKS™ Career Guidance Track

2.  PEAKS™ Career Positioner

3.  PEAKS™ Work Related Traits

4.  PEAKS™ Work Behavioural Tendencies

     - The Holland Hexagon
     - Project Participation Roles
     - Conflict Management
     - Decision-Making Tendency
     - Delegation
     - Emotional Intelligence – EQ
5.  Management & Leadership Competencies: “Self-Management” & “Problem Solving”
6.  Sternberg’s Successful Intelligence


It is hoped that this comprehensive PEAKS™ Career Guidance will be used by:

  • Job Seekers,
  • Students,
  • Teachers,
  • Parents and
  • Mentors or Coaches


alike to accelerate and enrich the Career Development of individuals, of all walks of life, to their fullest potential.




Do explore our Store for the range of PEAKS™ Profiles available to suit your personal and professional needs.  Should you require customisation for your Company and Community, please feel free to contact us directly for further discussions through our PEAKS Consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you!

PEAKS™ Career Guidance

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