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“You cannot manage anything if you do not have information.  PEAKS helps us know ourselves.  Looking at my personality profile is like looking at my life.  It is not just only looking at a mirror, it also explains the development of my personality. It is so amazing what PEAKS can do.”  

​Rawee Boayen

(Director of Student Christian Centre, Thailand)




“PEAKS systematically manage people and now I have a better understanding of myself.  
I feel the IDP done for me is very professional and I would like to leverage on my strength and improve on my low points.  This would enhance my leadership skills. I know better how to manage my staff especially and I want to know how people see me in my work place.
Professionally I can think of a few applications of PEAKS Profile.  Succession planning can be done efficiently and effectively if you use reliable tools such as PEAKS Profiling to get data and this data is very important for decision making.  This can also help in identifying aspiring leaders in order to have pools of leaders.
Second, MOE drafting proposal on continuous development framework for teachers and in this framework we include the identification of competency gaps of our teachers.  PEAKS can be used to identify this.
More than this, PEAKS can identify the trainings required for them to close these gaps.  It is so amazing what PEAKS can be used to help us in this CBD framework.
Third, being in HRD, our core business is to prepare effective professional development programmes for all staff.  I strongly believe that PEAKS could help in the planning of effective programmes for our MOE Staff because PEAKS can identify strength and weak points that can be improved.  It should not be done in an ad-hoc basis.  If it is done in a structured way, it will help our staff.  
PEAKS profiling can also be used in the recruitment of teachers.  It is also useful for career guidance for students so that they are guided in their career pursuit.  PEAKS can be used for performance appraisal to see who can work in a team and so on.”  

Ms Siti Aisha

(HR in Education)

“I’ve used PEAKS a lot in coaching.   The response I have got from the people I coach is one of awe as to what PEAKS can do.  In fact PEAKS is the first instrument that can tell me certain things that my friends know about me that no other instruments have been able to tell me. I think this is a very accurate instrument. “  

​ Ms Koh Wan Yee




“PEAKS is simple yet very deep.  The five factor model is actually, for those of us who have taken psychology, is not an easy concept to grasp but PEAKS has given us, almost in lay terms an understanding of how it works and how it can be applied to your work life.”

Dr Hjh Huraini


“The PEAKS programme aims at growing people.  It helps people fulfil their fullest potential because it is strength-based.  PEAKS looks at the potential of each individual, and helps us tap into that potential.”  

​Mrs Tan Siew Hoon

(Vice Principal, Head of Staff & Student Development)

“PEAKS analytics help me to better understand and know myself.  I learn that I am wonderfully made by God and my personality is God’s gift to me.  When we discuss one another’s personality traits, regardless of whether something appears positive or negative, yet they are true reflections of ourselves.  I am convinced that PEAKS is an objective instrument.  The two days of study and exercise help our team to develop better knowledge and understanding of each other that we can be an even better team more effective as individuals but also together.”  

Bishop Chong Ching Chung

(Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore)

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