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PEAKS Kids Profile now!

PEAKS™ KIDS Personality Profile

Your child’s personality is unique. Identifying and nurturing the strengths in your child will enable the acceleration of  learning and development and release of unique and innate potential that is already in every child. No two children are exactly the same. Enable your child to scale peak after peak.


Your child’s personality can be described along the five factors of Purpose, Energy, Affirmation, Knowledge and Sustainability.

Purpose:            How your child responds to Tasks


Energy:              How your child responds to People


Affirmation:        How your child responds to Authority


Knowledge:        How your child responds to Ideas


Sustainability:     How your child responds to Stress

RCI in collaboration with Cool De Sac is pleased to offer a COMPLIMENTARY PEAKS KIDS profile of your child that will include:


-  their PEAKS personality factors and top Multiple Intelligence domains


-  based on your perception & observation of your child’s personality-based


Click HERE to access your FREE

PEAKS Kids Profile now!

The PEAKS™ Analytics, is used globally in schools, universities, governments and Multi-National Companies.  PEAKS™ KIDS Profiles measure the personality-based potential of children to assess innate giftedness unique to every child. In so doing, children can, in their formative years, be supported to build strong foundations for lifelong actualization of innate potential, nurturing, leveraging and enhancing what is already there. 


There is beauty and strength in every nature! Through PEAKS™ KIDS, we hope you will gain a better understanding of your child, and how you can encourage your child to develop according to his/ her natural strengths, talents and giftings.

PEAKS™ KIDS Personality & Development Profiles, developed by Research Communication International (RCI), is a validated prediction of your child’s natural disposition based on the well researched Five-Factor Model of personality and resilience studies. PEAKS™ KIDS gives you reflections of your child’s potential to peak perform, it is not an appraisal of current performance.


The development of a child's personality is critical in early childhood. By the age of six, a child's personality would largely have been formed. It is essential therefore for Parents, Teachers, and Mentors to know how a child's natural personality-driven strengths can be nurtured and groomed from young.


A child's personality infrastructure or "DNA" forms the foundation upon which Talent, Intelligences, Character and Knowledge are best accrued. As each child is uniquely gifted, engaging a child in learning involves knowing a child’s deep level potential. Therefore, it is imperative in early childhood education and development to access the unique personalities of children and how they project into best learning pathways suited for deep-level engagement & learning.

Multiple Intelligences


  1. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (“number/reasoning smart”)

  2. Linguistic intelligence (“word smart”)

  3. Visual-Spatial intelligence (“picture smart”)

  4. Musical intelligence (“music smart”)

  5. Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (“body smart”)

  6. Intrapersonal intelligence (“self smart”)

  7. Interpersonal intelligence (“people smart”)

  8. Naturalist intelligence (“nature smart”)

  9. Existential (“spirit smart”)

  10. Teaching-Pedagogical intelligence (“teaching smart”)

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