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     What is PEAKS?


PEAKS (Purpose . Energy . Affirmation . Knowledge . Sustainability) is a global on-line psychometric technology developed by Research Communication International (RCI) that measures and optimizes human potential at all levels of organizations and societies. The PEAKS Profiling Technology is applicable for use in personal, team and partnership development; organisational development interventions, career coaching, selection planning, recruitment, career profiling and leadership development toward PEAK PERFORMANCE. Your PEAKS profile captures and tracks individual development in domains such as:

  • Personal Development
  • Team & Partnership Orientation
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Development
  • Entrepreneurial Advancement
  • Educational/ Learning Development
  • Organisational Development
  • Family Development
  • Community Development

PEAKS is based on extensive research employing best practices in leadership, personality and resilience development. It is a strength-focused tool that assesses the innate potential within individuals and aligns the best in everyone to the PEAKS they have chosen to scale

Personality scores are normed against industrial benchmarks and are based on a large databank of actual empirical data collected through corporate research. PEAKS gives individuals the knowledge necessary for scaling heights of achievement. As they conquer PEAK after PEAK, they become more than conquerors.

The PEAKS approach is integrative and holistic and is applicable for use for entire organisations in developing and tracking personal, team, leadership & management development/ benchmarking; mentoring, career coaching, selection, talent management, succession planning, job profiling and various aspects of individual, team and organizational development towards PEAK PERFORMANCE.

A highly acclaimed definitive model for describing personality differences, some of the key components to the PEAKS Profiling Technology include:

  • Personality has five dimensions (P.E.A.K.S)
  • Scores on the dimensions will fall along a normal distribution (or a Bell Curve)
  • Personality is best described by individual traits than type groups
  • The strength of individual scores indicates personality preferences
  • People who score in the middle range of the scales will have a combination of traits

Organizations that want to be up-to-date and remove biases from the workplace are turning to the PEAKS PROFILE as their internal personality model of choice since it offers so much depth and understanding for employees and program participants.